"If it ain't Unda-Mind, neva mind!"

Too Kool On Em2

Carl Black debuts his HOT NEW single "Too Kool On 'Em ft. KiKi Klymaxx" off of his upcoming mixtape.

As Carl Black prepares to release his 3rd Mixtape "Respect the Juxx: The Silent Coming of Yung Napoleon", up and coming Hip-Hop/Pop Artist Kiki Klymaxx is featured on one of the tracks "To Cool On 'Em".

On April 27th Carl Black performed live at the Unity Event Center in Greensboro, NC. Unda-Mind Records traveled to North Carolina to show their support to Murdah Baby and Dj Lazy K for Murdah Baby's Birthday Bash and the Spit Dat Piff Tour.

Coming Soon...

Respect The Jux Mixtape

Respect the Jux mixtape cover

Hot Single

Too Kool On Em2

Listen to Carl Black's HOT NEW SINGLE!!!!

Too Kool On 'Em ft. KiKi Klymaxx

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